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Be agile!


Defined as being able to change direction smoothly and quickly.

It comes in handy when you are chasing something...or being chased.

I'm pretty sure though, that the preferred mode, depending on circumstances,
is being the chaser (for a greater good)!

Whatever you're trying to possess can be elusive, thanks to diversions and

Outside factors are constantly swirling which can alter the most carefully
devised plan.

Just reaching a goal frequently means taking on greater challenges,
even if it's only to improve...or improvisation!

Cope! Embrace it all!

Fortunately, there are more ways to deal with it, and they're expanding at an
unrivalled pace. Sometimes all that is needed is a small /boost/ to get to that
next level.

Because of the broad and expanding opportunities to become and remain more
agile, there will be a number of topics devoted to this subject, starting with

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