What A Website Can Do

Yelp is a website where the public can rank and review local businesses.

A recent article in the New York Times Technology/Bits section reported that Yelp is implementing changes to allow visibility to suppressed reviews and eliminate the ability of advertisers to post their favorite reviews at the top of the page, thereby addressing charges of bias.
[“Yelp Makes Changes In Response To Small Business Owners” by Claire Cain Miller, 6-April-2010, nytimes.com]Continue reading

What Entrepreneur Means To Me

The term "entrepreneur" has gained a lot of currency lately, for example, in want-ads.

The dictionary definition for entrepreneur is

"(1) a person who  organizes and manages any enterprise,
esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk"

"(2) an employer of productive labor; contractor." (Random House)

One of the best definitions of being an entrepreneur I've heard is to make something out of nothing.Continue reading

A Quick Word On Some Images In This Blog

I've gotten a lot of requests to download pictures from this site. The images in topics "What's New" and "Supporting Visionary Goals" are licensed. You can find them at http://newcenturywork.com/Refs/BigStockPhotoMain.htm

I will add a caption to images in the public domain identifying them as such from now on, if I use any.

In order to keep this blog pertinent with relevant comments all replies asking for images that have no responses, will be deleted. Thanks for your understanding.