PLR The Sequel

[ Continued from "plr yours mine and ours" ]

You need to know if any of the PLR (private label rights) products you buy are still supported or (in the case of content) current. For products and certain services I recommend using your favorite search engine to see if any PLR you are considering is already offered for free, such as, say, a graphics tool tutorial.Continue reading

PLR Yours Mine And Ours

It's been so long since my last entry, I hope I haven't broken the cardinal rule of inconsistent posting (particularly this being the early stages of this blog), but...

How, I said to myself (knowing I have a somewhat sympathetic ear), am I going to make the subject of PLR engaging? Humorous? Sexy?

PLR stands for private label rights. (OK, "sexy" part covered). *Ahem*Continue reading

What About Us

Worlds_Within_WorldsEven though this blog is titled "Diverse Elements", one pervasive theme is sustaining and growing a business through the experience of a newly-minted entrepreneur. That term 'entrepreneur' has gained a lot of currency and more will be said about that in another post.

I decided to go into internet marketing because it's not bound by arbitrary criteria. The opportunities are varied, expanding, and especially exciting are the dynamics it provides for small business.

This awareness grew with the other increasing significance of small business being the backbone of the economy. I'd heard that for a long time but now I was really listening. My life in information technology following directions by others had changed.

It is certainly clear to me by now that risk is unavoidable, and the biggest risk could be not taking any. A proactive approach is to learn how to manage it.Continue reading