Supporting Visionary Goals

People who have been business owners for some time have definitive opinions on what it takes to run a business. This seems like an obviously self-evident statement but it's interesting to hear how they cope with competing philosophies.

A recent discussion with one experienced business owner involved accruing vast amounts of information available today vs taking action, and focusing on one objective vs tackling many concurrently.Continue reading

What’s New?

The hardest thing about learning something new might not be trying to understand it, but being receptive to the opportunity to learn it after paying so many dues for the knowledge already acquired. It's not necessarily just an "ego thing" (or at least not to those who look for more than simplistic answers) because an evaluation process is, or should be, going on.Continue reading

How Many Ways

Some succeed with a single-minded focus, undeterred toward a single objective.

Indeed, if you feel "scattered" some experts say, choose one path and stick to it. This has merit. There's undoubtedly evidence to support it. But there's sufficient evidence, particularly in this globalized world, of a need for a backup plan: the more, the better. (At the risk of sounding like "Morpheus" from the "Matrix") many paths can lead to the one.Continue reading