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I once heard a friend who owns a boat complain about the price of gas when he goes to Florida. I was sympathetic, but almost immediately replied, "Yeah, but you can't put a price on not getting stranded in the middle of the ocean."

You might believe a website builder that only provides a drag and drop site is getting over, but if you assign your own domain name to it (which, in order to be professional, is essential) the monthly fee could be about as much as that for a full fledged hosting account.

There are other posts offering opinions on hosted website builders, so I won't repeat them. Despite some advances in features, there are still a number of relevant crucial points.

If you've made the decision to be in full control of your resources; to have as much reasonable latitude in growing your business; in leveraging all the possibilities and cost efficiencies of online operations; to protect and maintain your online assets, then you'll want to consider Siteground web hosting.

Siteground hosting offers exceptional performance and security. It's one of the top hosting companies for WordPress. I chose it for this site and have remained for these reasons and because plans included a quality SSL certificate. At the time they were the only ones I found to offer this feature. They've continued to demonstrate innovation in their services as well as provide useful technical/business tips.

If you have 1 website the Starter Plan would be a great fit.

It's worth looking over.

I am an affiliate and will receive compensation for purchases. Thank you!

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Wade In The Water

Amid the mostly rosy reports of employment numbers since the recovery of the 2008 economy crash, are
persistent reports of people experiencing sudden job loss due to mergers, closures and disasters.
In my opinion, more coverage is also needed for complications the (newly) unemployed face in adjusting
to circumstances.

One of the latest examples involves identity theft wrecking credit histories of job seekers.
As if age wasn't enough of a hurdle...

I'd been thinking about this question for some time. What finally made me write about it was a news
report of restaurants in the Boston area suddenly closing after long and illustrious histories,
and staff with 30 and 40 year careers notified their careers ended in a week.

Then the threatened government shutdown of December 2018/January 2019 happened.

As I listened to the hardship stories and assessments of collateral damage, short and long term economic
impact (including probable recession), difficulties in securing a job after my own long term
professional career (23 years) came to end, surfaced once more from the shallows of consciousness.

About a year into my new life early in 2006, an interview I obtained through a recruitment agency seemed
promising until I was asked if I would give up my current private business (an aspect of my background I
thought might be a plus; demonstrating "entrepreneurial spirit" and the like, as has appeared in a large
number of job descriptions after all).

"No" I replied firmly.

The recruiter later ruefully told me I was not hired. He said it was because of my response to give up
my business.

This was perceived as a refusal to give 100% to the job.

I won't go into my contributions and acknowledgements during my career...let's put it this way:
it had taken almost all of those 23 years to get from a "2" rating to a "1". But I made it. Twice. I'd
say that's a testament to commitment. (I got rated a "high 2" once...)

An almost mythical amount of will is needed to forge a path in the face of the many onslaughts, expected
and unexpected, that "keep on giving" regardless of passage of time. I still remember the contempt on the faces
of those administering a food stamp program I once was on while unemployed.

Even the concept of "job shaming" has entered (or perhaps finally recognized within) social consciousness.

Stories of replacement jobs not replacing lost income are all too common.

I realize there are cases where non-competitive agreements are necessary for employment depending
on industry, but in general, if one is prevented from personal development they alone must bear the

Quote from the Declaration of Independence:

"We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all [...]are created
equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness -[...]"

If some are allowed to "pursue happiness" for greater profit, others should be allowed to "pursue happiness" for
greater security.