My Builderall Experience Sitebuilder

I learned of Builderall through an affiliate as a subscriber to their list. Note, I will treat that subject in a separate post.

Builderall is a suite of tools, modules and tutorial videos that are accessed from a dashboard, intended to give you (as their tagline as of this writing puts it) "the most powerful and complete internet marketing platform on the planet."

They're trying, but there's a way to go yet. (As I write this they've announced an upgrade and relaunch of the platform.)

One plan I had was to create a product from this platform called Elements Diverse Marketing Tools  Suite. Builderall is a great example of Diverse Elements (Elements Diverse is a division) and actually inspired my new logo. 

EDMTS Symbolic Representation

Elements Diverse Symbolic Representation

Below is a rendition of about 3/4 of the admin dashboard on login, which is similar to the Builderall dashboard as it looked as of January 2018.

Trial registration EDMTS Login dashboard

In my experience one thing has to be made clear right off the bat: Plan to spend time learning all the features because it is loaded. And when I say spend time, I mean devote exclusive attention to mastering it all as quickly as you can, because those monthly subscription fees add up.

One more preface: I'm going to relate the positive and what I feel are the drawbacks of this platform at this time.

The positive aspects are quite impressive.

Under "Builders" there is a Drag and Drop Sitebuilder that contains a desktop/tablet/mobile phone builder/designer, an app designer, and a Responsive site/blog builder. Why is there a separate Responsive sitebuilder? It's explained in one of the tutorials...

After those is the Email Marketing module which leads to list builders and a selection of configuration and design tools.

Next comes the Design Studio which contains a number of template images of desktop and mobile devices.  You employ them by uploading images in specified dimensions that will automatically be fitted to the device, even at an angle. It also contains a Presentation Builder that uses Open Office Impress.

Next are the animated videos and floating flash/HTML video creators/editors.

Following is the Apps category which has Facebook Integration tools and apps, Browser Notifications among a number
of other apps.

The rest of the dashboard involves the 2-tier licensing program and the Franchise Panel button which leads to the
white label dashboard. I won't go into these details in this review.

In fact I won't cover a few things in this review primarily because I hadn't gotten to everything.

This review will be divided into separate posts that are focused on each component for merciful readability.

Testing the email module (choosing "Mailing Boss", which I did as the most expedient set up for professional email
using a new domain) took up an impressive amount of time. As did learning their Sitebuilder. "Why" you might ask? Read on...

One minor concern with Builderall is the mix between English and Portuguese. Some system messages for instance are displayed in Portuguese. One might be able to glean the translation from the context. I'm not saying the platform should be english-only, just consistent
and customizable.

Now, the Drag and Drop Sitebuilder, which has a large and ever growing list of templates in various verticals: businesses (solar energy services, divorce lawyer services), skin care product promotion, event promotion, medical/health and wellness services...the list is quite expansive. And they look very professional, with responsive images. What's more, they provide instruction on marketing. Instead of the "Lorem..." boilerplate dominating every aspect, there's copy that provides marketing education i.e. "People buy outcomes, not features", and "Do not make a new claim in your sub-headline."

Some templates even have video backgrounds and are set up for funnels.

Prepare yourself for some repetitive design work while crafting the desktop, with respect to placement of objects (text, images etc.) on the tablet and mobile renditions. Especially once you have "completed" the desktop, as you (re) align the header, body and footer objects, you will likely encounter a warning that moving an object will impact either the tablet, mobile or desktop layout depending on what you're currently working on.

Update: 7-Feb. Apparently the new "Drag and Drop" Sitebuilder (rechristened) is more automated. See

There are tutorials that cover this feature. Some (as is the case with other modules in Builderall) will advise you to view additional tutorials which delve a little deeper into the topic. The Knowledge Base (a module in the dashboard) may not contain the definitive set of videos; you might want to search Youtube for more...elucidation.

With practice, you will reconcile the 3 versions more quickly. The most important thing to remember is the location of the header, body and footer based on the layout. Next, it helps to include as many objects in a single session as you can thereby avoiding the need for major redesign down the road. This is obviously more relevant when using a blank template. It may be helpful to design on paper first. Any unintended edits can easily be undone by clicking the "undo" button or simply closing the editing window and confirming "Leave."

snapshot sitebuilder drag and drop editor

Drag and Drop Sitebuilder

The objects most frequently used will come from within the editor in a side panel: boxes, lines (for borders), several
varieties of image up-loaders (i.e. hover, 3D, regular), text (note that there are 2 text controls, one which is used to set the font styles, the other is to place text in the template), audio/video upload, etc.

Builderall provides an SSL certificate for sites on its platform. I am quite pleased with this feature.

You should test your display on a variety of browsers, but remember that Builderall must use the Chrome platform. If
you try to access it with any other (as of the date of this writing) you will encounter unexpected errors.

I think I'll wrap up the evaluation on the Drag and Drop Sitebuilder here, and will be watching to see what the relaunch
brings, but my review of the other modules will be posted soon.

NCAAA Music Under The Stars 2017

The Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists will present Music Under The Stars, an annual fundraiser, Thursday, August 24, 2017, 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.NCAAA Music Under The Stars Aug 24 17 postcard

It will be a jazz and a touch of folkloric jam featuring some dynamic local and visiting talent.

Click the image to learn more at website.

Rain Venue: Inside The Museum

Light refreshments available.

  • Rollins Ross - Piano
  • Daniel Day - Bass
  • Connor Nolan - Trap Drums
  • Brandon Guillermo - Percussion Drums/Vocals
  • Paula Elliot - Vocalist
  • Harolyn Bowden - Dance
  • Barry Gaither - Poetry
  • Verna Hampton  - Mistress of Ceremonies

Content Samurai Is A Beaut

If you got here from the video version of this blog post, click here to learn how Content Samurai is used!

To see a video of this blog post, click here!

I created a tutorial series on Basic WordPress Administration.

Partly to try and reduce what I interpreted as reluctance or hesitation by 99% of clients that I set up WordPress sites for.

They ranged from small businesses selling products and services to a non profit trade organization.

Training is always included in the core set of deliverables and I finally had the inspiration to produce multi-purpose videos: ensuring this was applicable to anyone who would want to update their own  content.

So far, video editors that I'm aware of that handle MP4 format require a significant capital investment.

Thus I discovered, over the course of several dozen takes that the "pause" feature while recording, is my friend.

I also learned one basic lesson of the cutting feature: leave a bit longer duration after a mistake so that cutting the frame can be more accurate. There's a better chance of getting a smoother timing before and after the unwanted segment.

To add to the challenges, when I began the tutorial I had two monitors, one of which admittedly had served well for more than 10 years.

I was able to see notes from the slides on one while the other captured video.  As things will, halfway through the video (take 55), the older monitor decided its time had come at last. So I had to read the script from another device.

I finished the series a little wiser. And not much more hoarse.

Now, I've discovered a way to create videos a lot faster and easier!



It's a product called Content Samurai, brought to you by the makers of Market Samurai
[google it, if you like].

Can you imagine a video created simply by pasting text into the application, and having it build the sequence of images and text overlay automatically, with the option to insert your own images, clips and audio?

I think it's a handy addition to your video production tool set. Just as the ability is useful (some
even might even say necessary) to reboot/log out, launch applications, and have backups
using multiple methods, being able to quickly and easily produce video content complements all
other means of boosting internet presence and ranking.

There's a 7 day free trial available, and when you break down the daily cost compared to potential
return, I think you'll find it can pay for itself!

[It's very easy to cancel the subscription online and the honorable Nobel Samurai support is very responsive!]

Try it! 


[Note: I am an affiliate for Content Samurai and will receive compensation for subscriptions]