Carrot And Stick

When you hear the word incentives what does it conjure in your mind? Expectation? Suspicion? Dread? (like a drill sargeant's promise to "give you Incentive?")

Generally speaking, an incentive is something you want isn't it? Something that will stimulate you to do certain things in order to get it.
Sometimes those things can be difficult, sometimes not.

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Sharing And Selling

When I started this blog I said that product reviews would be part of it.

Some of the reviews have included links to participate and/or purchase because the concept was appealing and contributes to one of the other major themes of this blog: discovering ways of establishing independence.

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Diverse Elements In Outsourcing

These days I believe outsourcing is immediately understood as
exporting work to foreign lands with abundant labor pools working for
pennies on the dollar, not the dictionary definition.

Outsourcing conjures many opinions and often emotions in people around the
world. From various documentaries I've seen and material read, attitudes
range from resignation on the part of workers on the "low cost" end, to
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