What A Website Can Do

Yelp is a website where the public can rank and review local businesses.

A recent article in the New York Times Technology/Bits section reported that Yelp is implementing changes to allow visibility to suppressed reviews and eliminate the ability of advertisers to post their favorite reviews at the top of the page, thereby addressing charges of bias.
[“Yelp Makes Changes In Response To Small Business Owners” by Claire Cain Miller, 6-April-2010, nytimes.com]Continue reading

PLR The Sequel

[ Continued from "plr yours mine and ours" ]

You need to know if any of the PLR (private label rights) products you buy are still supported or (in the case of content) current. For products and certain services I recommend using your favorite search engine to see if any PLR you are considering is already offered for free, such as, say, a graphics tool tutorial.Continue reading

PLR Yours Mine And Ours

It's been so long since my last entry, I hope I haven't broken the cardinal rule of inconsistent posting (particularly this being the early stages of this blog), but...

How, I said to myself (knowing I have a somewhat sympathetic ear), am I going to make the subject of PLR engaging? Humorous? Sexy?

PLR stands for private label rights. (OK, "sexy" part covered). *Ahem*Continue reading