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Entrepreneurs Wanted

My uncle Bob (RIP) several years before he passed, began including a question/advice in his greetings and goodbyes. He may have said them even earlier and felt I was now old enough to appreciate it.

The question: "Have you made any new mistakes?" The advice: "Make new mistakes!"

The implied converse being: try not to repeat a mistake.

It was resonant the first time he said it, and on many occasions since, but the emergence of this COVID-19 pandemic has really underscored it.

All of the previous pandemics in the past 20 years were contained/never made it far beyond their points of origin, but now, with a host of other complications (natural and man-made), we're at an (apologies for overuse) unprecedented point in history. Outbreaks such as H1N1 and Ebola should have served as warnings and in fact they did for some and were ignored by others.

As I write this the world is almost at a virtual standstill.

The job gains of the past 12 years have been decimated and so many millions are claiming unemployment the automated systems have crashed.

The flu pandemic of 1918 has eerie parallels to COVID-19, from the "official recognition" of its start in the US in March, to the impact on all sectors of the economy and stress on health care providers. A report titled "Economic Effects of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic" authored by Thomas A. Garrett (November 2007) draws conclusions that we are now experiencing in 2020.

What matters now is that mistakes are not repeated if not avoided.

Considering predictions of more pandemics resulting from climate change (just one type of the challenges it presents) independent enterprise -- entrepreneurship – is becoming more crucial than ever before. And leveraging technology, as has been so acutely demonstrated in proliferation of video conferencing, working from home and online education, makes it a quick and affordable way to develop a business.

Some of the businesses in development at Diverse Elements are:

  • Marketing software and counseling for expedited debt and mortgage payoff
  • Video marketing for small business and individuals in a number of niches
  • Chatbot development with added workflows for automated CRM
  • Educational material for online strategies
  • Ideas for side hustles

There are other projects underway that involve music and graphic arts, one which will be a prototype for (hopefully) a live production in the near future.

There are a number of other opportunities being analyzed, particularly relevant to current events; at least one concerns the ecology, another other words not a single dependency.

I like the odds.

The major point here is to develop multiple income streams so that when one dries up others continue to flow. Not only can an online stream be set up in as little as a day or less, but it can act as a precursor to one or more streams that involve offline activity.

We are confident this terrible period will pass, and as one governor from NY put it, we need to plan for the worst and the best. Comparatively speaking, any obstacles contended with before must seem surmountable now. We must realize how precious time is and be more aware of how we spend it.

This must include self fulfillment; a broad category to be sure, encompassing everything from personal best to family well being and security to community and societal contribution. Working to live rather than live to work.

I invite you to engage with Diverse Elements Online on the web and social media.

Download a free report on entrepreneurship.

A free 30 second animated video has been offered as an introduction to the Diverse Elements Video Creation service.

UPDATE: This offer of enhancements (no watermarks and options for a jointly developed custom script, and personalized voice over) will be available until 31-Jul-2020.

Diverse elements chart your course.

Let's make that meaningful change that allows us to chart our course.