Drag and Drop

There are a lot of website creation tools out there.

Part of my business (which is frequently perceived as all of my business) involves website design, and I'm always interested in more efficient and full-featured editors.

After various experiences, I can definitely tell you which ones I prefer.

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You Bought It, I Own It

There are some amazing business arrangements out there when it comes to maintaining online operations. In particular is one I call the "You bought it, I own it" model, where your website support person buys your domain and hosting for you, then winds up being the only one with access. You are now dependent on that individual to run your online business.

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Carrot And Stick

When you hear the word incentives what does it conjure in your mind? Expectation? Suspicion? Dread? (like a drill sargeant's promise to "give you Incentive?")

Generally speaking, an incentive is something you want isn't it? Something that will stimulate you to do certain things in order to get it.
Sometimes those things can be difficult, sometimes not.

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