Diverse Elements applies internet marketing concepts in service to small businesses.

Website design is only one basic component to the array of ways to engage. A sample of past clients can be seen here.

Contact Diverse Elements to discuss your business aspirations.

Typical Process

If you are contacting Diverse Elements Online for the first time, the main business phone or email is the first point of contact. Calls are screened to filter those seeking services; once identified. other contact methods are provided. You are encouraged to leave a message stating intent with a call back number if you wish to speak with me directly.

Chatbots For Engagement

Another way we can begin is to use the chatbots recently implemented.

The home page displays a floating icon of an avatar. When clicked you have the option of hearing the intro by clicking the play button, or simply respond to the short script dialogue. After getting the name of your business and your name, and basic contact preferences, you’ll receive a free report as a thank you.

Want A Chatbot Customer Assistant?

In the main menu, under Services, select DE Chat Assist. This brings you to a page where a chatbot provides a brief description of how you can obtain a similar bot (with or without an avatar) to streamline your customer response process.

Simply enter your contact information in the box provided. You’ll also get a free report as a thank you.

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Services Unique To Your Business

Whether your website needs to be developed or optimized, a marketing campaign needs to be developed or refurbished using a variety of approaches, you and Diverse Elements will customize what will bring the best return.

With a 23 year background in system analysis, design and support in the computer manufacturing industry, be assured of the utmost attention to detail .

Our Partnership

A high level description of our partnership: once a project plan is agreed upon and a 50% deposit is made based on a rough cut demo that we’ll review on our first weekly online conference call (preferably with ability to share my desktop or you can view a video), work will be ongoing until move to production and final sign-off.