General Re Google Maps Displays

In the "Wealth of Experience Not Granted" post I noted what appeared to be "discrepancies in the Google Maps/Google Earth" listings for a company. Its location by organic search did not match the "Google Local Listing",  a pretty radical difference.

To date, complaints I've found in the Google Maps/Places forum have dealt with other types of discrepancies:  similar business names (with as small a difference as a single space) that cause ranking and misinformation issues; spamming using fake names; fraudulent reviews; iPhone/GPS coordinates misalignment, for example.

Basically the resolutions to these issues involved:

  • a feature called "Claim Your Business" which allows you to take control of a listing not previously claimed, and administer it accordingly
  • work with the other business to resolve the conflict
  • intervention of Google itself.

In the case of reviews, they can be flagged as inappropriate. Anyone who reads the help forum will come to their own conclusions.  I've not tried any of this myself so I have no criticism.

Over time I'll measure the frequency/type of discrepancies as I encounter them.  Apparently there's all sorts of treatments on the general topic of accuracy on the web,  so have at it if you're so inclined.  This post is for information only since I think the proper place to document further evidence is on the appropriate Google forum.  There's so many other experiences as a business owner that can be discussed here!

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