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An earlier post in this blog ("What a Website Can Do")  focused on several issues.

It expressed the necessity of businesses having their own website, particularly for
greater control of their brand. If a business concedes its internet presence to other sites, it might not be truly represented or favorably distinguished from the competition. It might even imply the wrong message.

It also dealt with one of the most critical areas in managing the image of your business: handling negative feedback or a negative review.

And if we thought there wasn't enough opportunity to confront this dilemma, we are
now reassured with the arrival of social media!

It's no longer just a matter of browsing to page 3 of a search result and stumbling across a listing in a directory; suggestions, "retweets", and "hash tag" topics are a few additional examples of the ways a business image is presented.

When you have a lot of separate things to monitor it only makes sense to group
them together somehow, if at all possible. For social networks like Twitter, a
twitter client or twitter app relieves the hassle of remembering logon credentials
and posting to every account. It is very likely that we have several accounts/belong
to several social networks.

So how can we juggle all of these connections?

Hootsuite is the answer. Hootsuite lets you engage up to 5 communities with the free plan and unlimited networks with the paid plans.

It simplifies including links with your posts and gives you more
precision in measuring the results of your communication, just one of a suite of
analytic tools.

The basic Hootsuite configuration gives you:

  • Account Ownership for up to 5 social network profiles 
  • Ability to schedule tweets and status updates
  • Ability to auto-update from 2 RSS or Atom feeds
  • 30 days of link click-through statistics reporting
  • Ow.ly link click-through analytics (including 30 day historical data)

Among many other features with the Hootsuite Pro package you can own
unlimited social network profiles:

  • Unlimited social profiles
  • Auto-update from unlimited RSS/Atom feeds
  • Maintain an unlimited historical
  • Archive of link click-through statistics
  • Integration of Google Analytics
  • Integration of Facebook Insights


Hootsuite also has an Enterprise plan.

The Hootsuite mobile version is compatible with iPhone/iPad, Blackberry
and Android.

So, stop working harder at keeping up with your social communities! You have
many things to do; let Hootsuite help you to do them more efficiently.
And you know what efficiency can mean. Get the full story at Hootsuite.

Hootsuite See Whats Working With Real-Tine Click Stats .Try Free Now

[Note: I am an affiliate and will be compensated for referrals that purchase a plan]

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