Personal Branding Now

Not that I've neglected it but lately I've been giving a lot more thought to
personal branding where the Internet is involved.

We're in a brand new age. Impressions can be formed or associations drawn just by implication. In some cases a subliminal connection might be made
where there is none.

So, what happened that finally made me seize the moment and purchase my name as a domain?  Aside from recommendations by various renowned Internet marketers, this initial step toward personal branding might have gained incentive when I searched my name and came up with an excerpt that read "scammer alert: Guillermo, Brandon" fairly early in the search results.

(It was a site referring to someone named "Guillermo" who lives/lived in "Brandon, Canada").

Or it could have been the reaction to results including sites marketing various movies of the erotic variety, listing "...Brandon, Guillermo,..." among the cast members (notice the commas...please).

The thing is, who would you complain to and what could you legitimately claim?
After all, there's no proof of malicious intent, it's just a series of coincidences. That's all.

The only way I could see to counterbalance this seeming conspiracy of fate is by
authoring my own profile and occupying the top rankings for my name as much as possible. As an online marketing consultant, if I did nothing, that would certainly not be a career enhancement.

There is another reason to want a personal brand: to be sure there's no confusion with others. Identical names are a reality that has only magnified with the growth of the Internet.

I believe personal branding will become a widespread choice. Even the famous are doing it. There's more on this subject at

It's about taking control.

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