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If you use/depend on SEO to maintain and boost and boost traffic to your website you are quite aware of the dynamic nature of search engine results. Page 1 presence can disappear unexpectedly if you haven't kept up with change in ranking criteria. This can sometimes also mean previously valid methods become invalid.

I treated this topic some time ago in a post titled "Penguins, Pandas and Bears, Oh My!" and by all observations, a number still struggle significantly with the same issues.

Certain constants have persisted through the algorithm updates: quality content, backlinks to authoritative sites, optimal website performance and organization, and (a relatively recent addition) consistent social media presence. A couple of these methods must also be delicately balanced.


Given such rigorous challenges, you have to admire those who choose to play in this arena.

One gentleman by the name of Julian Goldie has made an easy-to-digest video on enabling page 1 ranking on Google.

SEO specialists are part of the broad range of opportunities the digital economy provides. The suggestion to hire assistants for generating content provides opportunities in contribution and advising on finding them.

SEO is an evolving art/science, resembling and following technological innovation. It's interesting how developments will proceed.

Whether you are a "do-it-yourself-er" or an educator/advisor, there are guides and videos that show how to improve site visibility.  They can build your business in more than one way.

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