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One of the things you learn about  operating a business is that there is constant discovery. One of those recent discoveries is the necessity of procuring a Secure Socket Layer certificate.

Because I've also learned how SSL certificates can help guard against hacking. Particularly the kind of hacking known as code injection, which will create counterfeit links to non-existent pages that show up in search engine results (i.e. Google) using the "site" qualifier, and otherwise harm ranking so that when your site, previously on page 1 is bumped somewhere (way) below, it will contain the notation "site may be hacked."

I had considered getting an SSL cert for some time but was lulled into complacency by numerous opinions online that it was a superfluous expense if the website was not collecting sensitive data or accepting financial transactions.

Many claimed the minor boost in search rank didn't justify the cost (at least when I last looked into this, and a recent search mostly confirmed that impression). The main benefit, they said, was a higher trust factor.

So another annual purchase has got to be considered on the balance sheet.

In the current climate there's apparently no reason to suspect a site won't be hacked!

Siteground Web Hosting gives you a free SSL certificate for small sized websites that protects your root domain (sub-domains not included). This shows that they get it! Their focus is to support your success -- because they know your success means their success.

The SSL cert is issued by Let's Encrypt, and being free, has basic functionality. But it is quite sufficient for the short term until you can afford to upgrade to the next pricing tier which is $60.00/year as of this posting.


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