We Should Be


“reaffirms the right of persons and peoples to determine their own destiny
and daily lives; to live in peace and security; and to flourish in freedom

Respecting self-definition means no imposing of will, physically or
through other forms of intimidation/discrimination.

That is part of what liberty means.

Another year has passed where we’ve seen…abuse of power, horrendous murder,
and turmoil of every imaginable (and unimaginable) stripe across the globe.
Increasingly visible (only) because of technological advancements.

The fallout from these negative events is heightened distrust, hostility and
group indictment. I’ve dubbed it the “Charles Stuart effect” (search engines
will turn up relevant results), seeing parallels from personal experience.

Unfortunately there are a number of historical parallels.
We should recognize familiar terrain.

Be reminded of all we have managed to get through.
That should serve as the basis for dealing with every
new situation.

We’ve got to stop projecting.

You define who you are. I define who I am.

Empathy is an ability to understand other viewpoints and situations.

If self-determination includes empathy, recognition of relationship to humanity,
then it helps reconcile individual rights with those of the collective.
It probably won’t resolve every question…but it definitely helps.

I recognize relationship to all creation.

Then follows the inescapable conclusion that everyone is entitled to
self-definition. What follows is up to them.

Even those who decide/consent for employment to represent a certain image,
have to be considered as individuals first (in my opinion)…because they are.

No imposition of will as long as respect of the same rights for all is held.

When the behavior of some who do notappreciate such aspects of liberty,
is automatically attributed to an entire group because of “resemblance”, what
consequences for those “others” are deserved on this basis?

What would you deserve?

You define who you are. I define who I am. And we only control our own
actions and words. Expression reinforces realization.

As long as we’re dynamically thinking and not relying on rote learning, we have
a better chance of applying appropriate solutions to challenging problems.

As long as we reflect the positive aspects inherited from our roots and are not blinded
by vague customs and intractable attitudes, we build a just and enlightened
culture. Ancestors were responsible for preparing us for the time when we would have to carry on without them; hopefully, for the better.

Some of the best visions have a basis of benefiting as many as possible.
It comes with an intent of lasting value. It becomes a mission.

Honesty should persist generation to generation. Simplistic reasoning should not.

The more we probe, the universe reveals that what once was thought certain
is bounded by our frame of reference.

Scenes From The Multiverse 1 by philsh


As my computer programming teacher once told me about problem-solving, there
can be more than one right answer.

So stay true to creative expression, self-definition, high aspirations and visions
of most benefit.

And stay true to liberty. I will.

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