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I once heard a friend who owns a boat complain about the price of gas when he goes to Florida. I was sympathetic, but almost immediately replied, "Yeah, but you can't put a price on not getting stranded in the middle of the ocean."

You might believe a website builder that only provides a drag and drop site is getting over, but if you assign your own domain name to it (which, in order to be professional, is essential) the monthly fee could be about as much as that for a full fledged hosting account.

There are otherĀ posts offering opinions on hosted website builders, so I won't repeat them. Despite some advances in features, there are still a number of relevant crucial points.

If you've made the decision to be in full control of your resources; to have as much reasonable latitude in growing your business; in leveraging all the possibilities and cost efficiencies of online operations; to protect and maintain your online assets, then you'll want to consider Siteground web hosting.

Siteground hosting offers exceptional performance and security. It's one of the top hosting companies for WordPress. I chose it for this site and have remained for these reasons and because plans included a quality SSL certificate. At the time they were the only ones I found to offer this feature. They've continued to demonstrate innovation in their services as well as provide useful technical/business tips.

If you have 1 website the Starter Plan would be a great fit.

It's worth looking over.

I am an affiliate and will receive compensation for purchases. Thank you!

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  1. Hi, thanks for your substantive comment. It’s great when you catch a sale as a first-time customer, but need to plan
    for the cost of the next (or subsequent) year(s). It all depends on capital ready to invest, and what the purpose
    of the hosting is. I wanted to have personal experience before expanding my commitment, and only had 1 site at the time.
    My first purchase on sale cost less than half the normal price for StartUp. While I agree it’s economical in the
    long term to purchase more, initial outlay and lack of familiarity are also valid concerns.

  2. I have used Siteground in the past. Having a SSL included is a big bonus as purchasing and installing one manually is a pain.

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