What Entrepreneur Means To Me

The term "entrepreneur" has gained a lot of currency lately, for example, in want-ads.

The dictionary definition for entrepreneur is

"(1) a person who  organizes and manages any enterprise,
esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk"

"(2) an employer of productive labor; contractor." (Random House)

One of the best definitions of being an entrepreneur I've heard is to make something out of nothing.

While an employee or prospective employee is expected (unless instructed otherwise I suppose) to show initiative, my impression is that undertaking risk, especially after not having organized nor being a manager of an enterprise, is not a given formula for success...unless you succeed. Look up the definition for "enterprise" while you're at it. Interesting.

("To boldly go...")

I googled "job ads entrepreneur really means"  and got 1,850,000 results (as of 11/2009). Browsing the first few pages (and avoiding the questionable sites) I could find no mention of "taking risk" as applied to the qualities of the ideal "entrepreneurial" job candidate. However I did find more than a few sites laced with sarcasm and gallows humor.
www.virginmedia.com had some amusing examples.
Obviously that combination of terms is very inspirational.

Innovation and creative thinking were emphasized in the more serious articles. And now it is increasingly easy to find it offered as a course at major colleges, even high schools. There is no denying that this is currently seen as a critical skill.

Each one of those components: Organizing, Management, and Risk can be a treatise in itself.

So the main point for me, is that "entrepreneur" has always had the connotation of "new and different" creation of products. I've since learned to expand that definition to services. There is no difference in importance of any of these factors because each one affects the others.

And hard work doesn't always mean success, but can't be excluded from that quest.

Is "entrepreneur" overused? Well, some have quipped it's a euphemism for "unemployed."

You decide.

"Work your love and love your work", goes the saying.  Nice work...

When the next opportunity for me to expound presents itself, I'll offer thoughts on the "Art of the Pitch.", credibility, and elements of trust.

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