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The hardest thing about learning something new might not be trying to understand it, but being receptive to the opportunity to learn it after paying so many dues for the knowledge already acquired. It's not necessarily just an "ego thing" (or at least not to those who look for more than simplistic answers) because an evaluation process is, or should be, going on.

For example, is learning something new (extensively) simply because it's new, worth the time? It's been observed that too many things are given cursory attention these days.

How does or should new knowledge affect your current knowledge?

Learning new things is a necessity and training to absorb as much and as quickly as possible is an undeniable advantage. That's the tricky part: "as much and as quickly", for some things you absorb may very well dictate that you discard them or prior data quickly!

The important thing is keeping motivated to keep accumulating knowledge evaluating based on content alone; not necessarily on personalities or style of presentation (unless they absolutely impede understanding, in which case it's only logical to pursue another course). I delayed learning something (drumming-related) for more than 10 years because I felt I could not deal with the teaching method. So, with this example alone, I reject the generalization that age hardens perspective.

I suppose it's unavoidable that some things will need to evolve at their own pace. At this point in time I've decided only the acquisition of knowledge is important and nothing I can control will impede that. I'm not saying I know what you should do, I'm only encouraging you to examine why you may resist learning new things and what the cost might be.

It's a cliche but Time Marches On.
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